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About Us

Jeff scorziell

Jeff Scorziell founder and owner of Coffee Snobs.
In 2014 Coffee Snobs took its first steps, starting out as a mere hobby but growing into a thriving business. Jeff had always been a coffee fanatic and growing up in the USA gave him easy access to great coffee. Although, when he eventually left the USA and found his way to Zimbabwe, good coffee was hard to find. So he started doing it himself.

"We're pioneering specialty coffee in Zimbabwe"

He sourced some specialty coffee from friends in South Africa and roasted it in a popcorn popper. It wasn’t the greatest way to roast coffee, so he bought a small 1Kg roaster and refined his roasting skills. A couple of his friends would try out it his coffees and recommend them to their friends. In 2018, his specialty coffee had gained so much traction that he registered it as a company and bought a high end Genio specialty roaster to produce the best fresh roasted coffee in the country.