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Our Process


Our aim is to perfect our roasting process and technique. Our craft is hinged on how developed our roasting methods are, as well as how high the average quality of our green coffee is. These stats will hopefully only grow.

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Green coffee beans

We source green coffee beans from all over the world. The quality of the beans that we use is extremely important, not only for ease of roasting but in taste too. The farms that grow the coffee have to be so careful when growing, processing, and grading their beans. High quality coffee is delicately farmed and processed giving the beans their best opportunity to truly shine. We aim to only get the best graded beans on offer.


Coffee roasting is an intricate process that requires much attention to detail. A coffee bean can be roasted in as fast as 8 minutes which adds difficulty to the process. We hover around the 11 – 13 minutes mark. Roasting is essentially controlled burning, so when we roast a bean we have to heat it while retaining enough of the natural sugars and fats that give coffee it’s best levels of acidity, sweetness, and bitterness.


Each bag is labelled and packaged by hand. Labels are placed on the bags after which an exact weight of coffee is added into it. The top is then heat-sealed shut and is ready to go. The bags contain a one-way valve that allows air to flow out but not in. Coffee releases CO2 which has to escape or the bag will explode. It also prevents Oxygen from getting in which degrades coffee beans – decreasing it’s freshness.