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Brewing Coffee At Home

In this article we’ll take you through a few tips on how to brew better coffee at home. Brewing coffee at home can be frustrating at times, so we’ll try ease some of the problems you might be having.

To start, we’re going to assume you have your own grinder. If you can control the grind size then you’re gonna need to play around with the size setting. If your coffee is way too bitter and ashy in flavor then your grind is too fine. Alternatively, if your coffee is uninteresting and lacking flavors then make your grind size finer.

This is where strength is concerned. Many people make the mistake of saying that they want a strong coffee when buying coffee beans. This is erroneous. The strength of a cup of coffee is directly dependent on how much coffee you put in the filter. If it’s not strong enough then you need more coffee – not stronger coffee beans.


When you brew coffee you should be careful not to pour scalding hot water into your filter. This is NOT because the coffee will get burnt, but simply due the fact that 100°C water has so much more energy than is necessary to successfully extract flavors from ground coffee. Leave the lid of your kettle open for 30s before pouring to drop the temperature of the water to about 89°C.

Hopefully these tips will help you get the best out of your home brewed coffee. Family and friends will thank you.